Senior Pastor John C Rutherford Image Senior Pastor - John C Rutherford


 Pastor John is the senior pastor of the House of Judah. He has been married to Chelly Rutherford for thirty four years. Together they have  four  children  Keith , Travis(Erica) Tony, and Carla(Quentin). Along with a host of  grand and great  grandchildren. He retired from GTE/Verizon Telephone Company with  three years as an Environmental Tech and twenty eight years as a Service Tech, he specialized in troubleshooting. Pastor John was ordained as a Minister  of the Gospel under the leadership of  the late Bishop C.W Gillespie  March of Faith Ministries  in 1995. In 1998 Pastors John and Chelly were asked to Pastor Christ Church  in  Mt.Vernon, ILL  under the leadership of the late Pastor Elvin and Velda Ervin of the then S.I.W.C Ministry(Purpose House of Energy, ILL). As the Lord would have it, Pastor John and Pastor Chelly were invited to minister at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Energy ILL on January 19th 2014. In the following weeks they where asked to be Pastors of the ministry under the counsel of the late Pastor Paul Reed and Mother Maxine Reed. She is currently a member of House of Judah. The name changed from Full Gospel Tabernacle to House of Judah in March 2014. Pastor John believes whole heartly in life application of the Word of God. He is a teacher of God's heart to the masses. Under his direction the ministry has established  Three different Community Outreach Programs. "Birthday Buddies, Ride with Grace and Hope Totes (see Outreach Ministries additional information).

Executive and Co- Pastor Chelly Rutherford Image Executive and Co- Pastor - Chelly Rutherford

Pastor Chelly  is the devoted wife of the Senior Pastor of House of Judah John C. Rutherford. They have been married  since February 11th , 1989. The couple are the parents of four children and a host of grand and great grandchildren. Pastor Chelly is a retired Activity and Behavioral Health  Director specializing in Geriatric well-being. She is a Certified Event Planner weddings, baby showers , retreats, in-services and conferences. She has received many accolades for her work  and contribution to the geriatric community. With a publication in an international magazine for Activity Professionals. Pastor Chelly loves to increase her capacity for all things Jesus Christ and the body. After many years of being out of school. Pastor Chelly attended a local Junior College John A Logan Community College and pursued  Certification in Biblical Counseling with a completion in all studies. Pastor Chelly preaches and teaches at various venues such as churches, retreats and conferences as lead by the Holy Spirit. She has a knack for spiritual development of women, marriages and families.