Senior Pastor John C Rutherford Image Senior Pastor - John C Rutherford


 Pastor John is the senior pastor of the House of Judah he is responsible for preparing and delivering sermons and lead to be the spiritual leader of the church.  He is responsible to the Lord and the church to primarily proclaim the gospel and teach the Bible. Pastor John will lead the church in an effective evangelism program and in a caring ministry for those in the church and community.  Lead in an effective program of visiting members and prospects. Conduct 1:1 biblical guidance sessions. Perform wedding and funerals ceremonies.Work with deacons, and lay ministers, church officers and committees as they perform their assigned responsibilities.

Executive and Co- Pastor Chelly Rutherford Image Executive and Co- Pastor - Chelly Rutherford

Pastor Chelly differs from Pastor John in that she gives more immediate oversight to organization: planning, directing and evaluating the ministries of the church. She is the human nerve-center for the creation, development, staffing, coordinating, and direction of ministries in the church. She sees that these things get done, so that communication, harmony and faithfulness to the vision prevail. Most immediately she relates directly to the staff as the go to person for any needs concerning the operations/ functions of the ministry. She serves them by seeing that their efforts cohere with the mission of the church and the other areas of ministry, and that they have the share of resources they need.