New Life is a promise to those who desire a closer walk with the creator of Heaven and Earth.

If you want to receive Christ as your savior,read the prayer from your heart.

Father what an honor it is to be loved by you.

 I can't  even wrap my mind around the fact and truth that you gave your life for me.

Lord ,I believe you were crucified, died, and rose on the third day just for me.

Father I repent of all my sins committed against your love.

 I thank you for receiving me into your kingdom, in Jesus name!

Father, please send me to a church family that I can join in covenant with.

One that will teach me your ways,show me how to conduct myself as

A kingdom citizen, and most of all one that will provoke me to be in fellowship with

You and have an intimate relationship. In Jesus name I pray.

If you said this prayer and would like to check us out,  please feel free.

To contact us.

Pastors John and Chelly Rutherford

House of Judah

9813 Route 148


10am Sundays

6:30pm Thursdays

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