Welcome…… H.O.J we are a group of Kingdom Citizens trying to maintain a position of good standing by following Christ Jesus our KING. We don't claim to have it all figured out and recognize that each of us are different. It’s those differences that make up the Kingdom . Whether you are new to the area , looking for a church home or you are just checking out the whole "church thing," you are welcome here. Join us on a journey of Hope and Healing.

What should I wear……… You will see people dressed in various ways, from jeans to the occasional tie. Who you are on the inside is much more important than the way you look on the outside. However, we do believe in respecting the house, sanctuary of the Lord with modest apparel.

Before you leave... Please fill out a Guest Card (located in the foyer) during your visit. We would love to send you some information and share some ways that you can connect further if you desire.